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How to improve communication skill

By dkmotivational

Body Language

Your body language should be open, extended, and confident

The more you speak, the better your communication skills will become, if you are going to speak at a meeting, function, school, or place, then you can adopt these tips


Make your words clear

Wherever you are talking to anyone, always speak your words clearly so that there is no problem in understanding the other person.

Balance your volume level

Wherever you talk, always maintain your volume level and speak.

Sweetness of voice

Whenever you talk, always bring sweetness in your words, never use wrong words.

Give expression to your word

Always use expressions while talking so that the person in front will enjoy listening to you.

Learn new thing

You will be able to speak only when you have something to say and you will have somthing to speak only when you are always learning something new

Always be a good listener

Speak only where it is needed and try to listen as much as possible