How to understand the Body language

By dkmotivational

Before you talk, someone else talks to the person in front, and that is your body, And the way this body behaves is called body language.

Body language is  combination of four things

1) Gestures

Gestures means how is your attitude, how do you talk, how are your hands talking, what are your eyes saying All these things are called gestures

2) Posture

Posture means your whole body, what kind of body is your whole body, How much confidence do you have

3) Expression

From the word Expression you must have understood that your gestures, when you talk to someone, then what is your Expression.

4) Flow

When you talk to someone, when you match your body with your voice, with your personality, then your whole body comes in one flow, and this flow is enough to impress anyone.

Tips of body language

When someone talks to you and you want to know whether he is interested in talking to you or not, then you can find out by looking at the direction of his feet, if he is interested in you then the direction of his feet will be on your side.

Never fold your hands while talking - it is a sign of fear.