Tell yourself these 5 things every morning

By dkmotivational

These 5 things will definitely help you to achieve your goal

1. I can do it 

When you wake up every morning you can say that I can do it, I can achieve my goal.

2. today is my day

As soon as you say that today is my day, it will be your day, And you can make that day even better

3. God is with me

Whenever your courage starts breaking, you can say that God is with me and nothing can happen to me.

4. I'm great

As soon as you say that I am very good then it will give you confidence


Every morning as soon as you wake up, thank all those for which you have been thankful

If you are alive today thank you for that If your hands and feet are safe or if your whole body is safe, then thank you for that from now on.